Cycle Smart

🕗 Thursday, June 6, 2024

Where: Robert Service School


More Details
Cyclesmart is an annual bike workshop put on by Recreation Parks and Association of Yukon. Youth, through their respective schools, learn a variety of bike safety and developmental skills. Local coordinators work with a contractor to develop an agenda that includes components from the list below. For 2024, this workshop is envisioned to include Grade 2-7 kids at Robert Service School, with exact times and courses to be announced

Bike Control Skills Workshop

Age Range: Intended for Grades 4 & 5 but 6 & 7 can participate in smaller schools

Duration: 1 hour 20 mins

Max # of Participants: 42

Assistants needed: 5 if at maximum capacity, a 1:6 leader to student ratio is preferred

Description: A course of 8 stations, again focusing on balance and spatial awareness with

additional challenges and more advanced bike control stations focusing on gear choice, braking

and signalling to other road users. There are differing degrees of difficulty at each station

designed to help students with a wide range of ability learn new skills or further develop existing

skills. This is not a suitable workshop for students who cannot balance without training wheels

but if there are additional staff or volunteers available to assist that student then they could be


Basic Bike Maintenance Workshop

Age Range: Grades 4-7

Duration: 1 hour

Max # of Participants: 25

Assistants needed: 1 to 2

Description: A 1 hour hands-on workshop to help students learn essential road or trail side

repairs such as; how to repair a puncture, how to get a chain back on, adjusting bike controls

etc.We use our bikes for the students to practice on for this workshop. Not suitable for younger

children due to the strength required to remove tires and bolts.

Road Safety Ride

Age Range: Grades 4-7 can be accommodated although this workshop is more suitable for

older students

Duration: 45-60 mins

Distance: Approximately 4km on roads and trails

Max # of participants: 20

Assistants needed: 2, Maximum of 2:10 leaders to students

Description: In this workshop we start by discussing the benefits of using their bikes as a form of

transportation but also risk factors of riding on the road. After a brief discussion we head out

onto the road on a pre planned route to give the students an opportunity to put the skills learnt in

the Bike Skills Workshop into practice. Students will be split into 2 groups with a maximum of 10

per group with one of our coaches at the front and an adult assistant riding at the back of the

group. Students and staff are expected to wear high-vis vests which we provide.

Typically the road ride is run on a different day than the Bike Control Skills workshop as

it can be difficult to to fit all three sessions into one day.

Please email us at to create a schedule that works for you.