Community Garden

The Dawson City Community Garden is located on 3rd avenue between Duke and Albert Street, in the North end of town. It consists of three city lots. The garden has been in full operation since 2009.

We have 24 individual garden plots that are rented out seasonally each year. You can also find 2 larger community plots utilized for health and social programming.

Grazing beds and a food forest are located along the perimeter of the property. The grazing beds and food forest are in place for the whole community to share, but mostly for the children who come and play at the garden.

It is our way of creating and promoting food security, healthy eating habits and demonstration gardens. 

The Community Garden is a learning ground for new and experienced growers of all ages. It has been a center for the local food movement in Dawson, through the promotion and workshops pertaining to food security, organic gardening techniques, composting, forest gardening, northern berries, permaculture and preserving the harvest for winter to name a few.  

We also believe strongly in creating experiences for youth so they can take these lessons with them into
the future. We have offered various programming for youth over the years, from yearly seeding workshops at Robert Service School, Nature Sprites, Seed to Table and our much loved Farm Camp.

We continue to grow young and old gardeners and farmers by creating educational hands on workshops that give them the tools to implement the knowledge gained in their own backyards. 

We are continuously trying to promote sustainability within the community and are always thinking of ways in which to educate people to become more self-reliant and capable of producing their own food locally. 

For questions about the Community Garden email