Our Community Vision

“Honouring the Past, Sharing the Present, Embracing the Future”

To create a balanced community, each part of the vision must be considered equally important. Dawson City is a community with a rich past; currently the community faces challenges and opportunities, and must look for ways to move into the future in an authentic way.

The following guiding principles shall provide the framework for the realization of our community's vision, goals, and policies:

Work Together

• Collaborate with Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in

• Create and maintain partnerships

• Engage residents

• Use open and transparent decision-making processes

Foster a Sense of Home

• Create a complete, year-round community

• Encourage healthy and active lifestyles

• Promote inclusion and universal accessibility

• Encourage the development of diverse housing options

Be Authentically Dawson

• Celebrate Dawson’s multi-faceted heritage, history, and culture

• Promote opportunities and solutions that are authentic to our local situation

• Promote outdoor lifestyles

Grow Responsibly

• Maintain a sufficient land supply for future development

• Use comprehensive development practices

• Invest in municipal infrastructure

• Enhance emergency preparedness

Promote Environmental Stewardship

• Protect and respect the natural environment

• Support a healthy ecosystem and biodiversity

• Mitigate environmental hazards

• Use comprehensive waste management practices

Strive for Economic Resilience

• Support a strong and diverse economy

• Encourage opportunities for local employment

• Develop local skills and knowledge