Dome Road Subdivision Master Planning


The Government of Yukon and City of Dawson hired Stantec Consulting in the fall of 2021 to complete a Master Plan for the Dome Road Subdivision. The purpose of the study is to provide a detailed plan for subdivision and development of four sites along Dome Road. As directed by Council, the Dome Road Subdivision is envisioned as a serviced residential development, which will provide a range of housing types for our community, and build on past work such as the Slinky Mine Visioning Charette which took place in December 2019. A background document outlining previous information is available to read here.

Engagement Activities

Slinky West Design Charrette 

On December 3-5th 2019, The City of Dawson and the Government of Yukon held a design charrette for the Slinky West area to determine future residential development of the area. The purpose of the charrette was to allow members of the community to collaborate at a high level on a vision for the area surrounding broad themes like housing, transportation, trails, parks, and neighbourhood amenities. Please view the schedule, background report and appendices for more information.

Feb 2021 Engagement 

Community engagement was conducted both in-person and online in February 2021 to share information gathered to date, review the opportunities and constraints for each site, and comment on the vision and goals. The What We Heard Report summarizes this engagement. The feedback gathered was then used in the development of the Planning Brief and draft concept plans for each of the development areas.

The purpose of the Planning Brief is to:

• provide a detailed review of the applicable City legislation and planning documents;

• evaluate past studies and visioning completed for the Dome Road subdivision;

• determine how work done to date will shape the future development;

• review each development area to understand the specific opportunities and constraints; and

• asses the development potential of each area

To accommodate distanced engagement, one online information session took place to provide a brief overview of each draft concept plan, followed by a question-and-answer period. This session held on Tuesday February 23rd was recorded and is available to view below.

September 2021 Engagement

In September, community engagement was conducted both in-person and online to share the draft concept plans with the community and discuss how the concepts related to the previously-identified design criteria: overall project vision, objectives, and community preferences. This presentation provides an overview.

Following the September engagement activities, Stantec produced the recommended concept plans . These concepts were reviewed by Council prior to development of the Master Plan and at Council meeting C21-25 on December 8, 2021, Council resolved to provide the following direction:

  • Continue developing the Dome Road Master Plan, as per concept 3B for Parcel A.
  • Continue developing the Dome Road Master Plan, as per the recommended concept for Parcel C.
  • Continue developing the Dome Road Master Plan, as per the recommended concept for Parcel D/F with moving the rec centre location closer to the Dome Road and Klondike Highway intersection and removing the housing lots there in favour of rec centre parking.

Following this direction, Stantec proceeded with the development of the draft Dome Road Master Plan and Pre-Design Report. 

What's Happening Now?

Stantec has produced the draft Dome Road Master Plan and Pre-Design Report. It is being presented to Council at public Committee of the Whole meeting CW22-08 on June 8, 2022 at 7pm. Click here to find a copy of this meeting agenda, including the draft Master Plan, and information on how to tune in.

Next steps

Next, the draft Dome Road Master Plan and Pre-Design Report will be forwarded to Council for adoption.

Please contact Zoë Morrison at (867) 332-3286, if you have any questions about the project or the engagement opportunities available to you.