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Council, Governance & Administration

Councillors are the democratically elected representatives of the City of Dawson who form the council. The City of Dawson elects one Mayor and four Councillors. 

Council is answerable to the overall community through democratic processes for providing good governance for the City of Dawson. The council is responsible for developing and evaluating the policies, municipal services, and programs of the municipality, and ensuring the powers, duties, and functions of the municipality are appropriately carried out.

The Chief Administrative Officer and the Senior Management Team focus on implementing the policies and providing professional advice to guide council in its decision-making.  

The community is entitled to expect that:  

  • Councillors represent the entire community and contribute to council’s decisions and policy making;
  • The business of the council is conducted with efficiency, impartiality and integrity;
  • Councillors obey the spirit and letter of the law and, in particular, the provisions of all relevant statues, regulations, local laws and instruments; and
  • The community’s interests will always be given absolute priority over the private interests of Councillors.
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