Responsible Pet Ownership

The City of Dawson’s Animal Control Bylaw regulates animals in our community. This bylaw enables Bylaw Services to work with residents to ensure that pets, their owners and neighbours live together in a safe and healthy environment. 
This is a brief overview of the bylaw. Please refer to the actual bylaw for more detailed information.


Pet owners must:
    • have an animal on-leash (maximum length of one metre) at all times when not in a secured, fenced private yard or in a designated off-leash area;
    • ensure their animal does not run at large and is under control at all times, including while in a designated off-leash area:
    • pick up feces produced by their animal both on and off their property; and
    • ensure their dog (from the time it is six months old) has and wears a valid City of Dawson licence at all times.
Pet owners must ensure their animal:
    • does not bite, injure, chase, threaten, or attack a person or another animal;
    • does not cause damage to property; and
    • does not bark, howl, or cause noise in an excessive manner that interferes with the reasonable use and enjoyment of neighbouring properties.
Pet owners must ensure their animal is treated with humane care, which includes:
    • providing the animal with adequate food, water, exercise, and medical care; sanitary eating and drinking receptacles; and adequate and sanitary living conditions and shelter;
    • not leaving animal unattended while tethered where a choke collar, choke chain, or pinch collar forms part of the securing apparatus or where a rope or cord is tied directly around the animal’s neck;
    • not confining the animal to an enclosed space, including a motor vehicle, without adequate ventilation; and
    • not transporting the animal outside the passenger compartment of any motor vehicle or trailer unless the animal is adequately secured to prevent the animal from falling off the vehicle or otherwise injuring itself.
Every owner of a female dog or cat in heat shall confine the animal within a building or other secure enclosure to prevent the dog or cat from coming into contact with a male dog or cat. Such confinement shall continue while the female dog or cat is in heat; the dog or cat may be released from confinement for controlled breeding purposes.

No person shall own a wild animal except as provided for in the Animal Control Bylaw.
Designated Off-Leash Areas
The off-leash dog park is located in the north end of town and the only designated off-leash area within the City of Dawson. The off-leash dog park is an ideal setting for dogs to play and interact with other dogs and for dog owners to gather and connect with other dog owners. While using these areas please abide by the Off-leash Park Rules.

No Dogs Allowed Areas
The soccer field, Minto Park, and Crocus Bluff Park are dog free areas.   Please keep pets off the athletic fields.
Reporting Concerns & Enforcement
Bylaw Services responds to concerns reported under the Animal Control Bylaw.

To report a concern, please submit a Bylaw Complaint or contact:

Bylaw Services
Bylaw Enforcement Officer
Phone: 867-993-7400 ext. 413