Keeping of Bees

Keeping bees is allowed within the City of Dawson on urban-residential properties provided the property is owner occupied and the property owner has obtained a bee keeping permit.

Apply for Bee Keeping Permit

There is no application fee for a bee keeping permit. A completed Bee Keeping Application (see below for form) can be submitted to Bylaw Services, City of Dawson

in person at 1336 Front Street
by email to
by mail to PO Box 308, Dawson City, YT Y0B 1G0
by fax to (867) 993-7434

Within 14 days of receipt of an application for an apiary permit, Bylaw Services shall review the application to ensure it is complete and meets all requirements. Applications that are not complete or contravene a provision of the bylaw shall be returned, after which the applicant may address any deficiencies and resubmit. An inspection of the apiary is required prior to final approval of the permit. 

Once the apiary is in place and prior to housing of bees, Bylaw Services will conduct an inspection of the apiary. If the apiary passes inspection, Bylaw Services will post an inspection certificate on the apiary, which must be left in place for the permit to remain valid. 

General Regulations
  • A permit holder may not keep bees except in an approved apiary pursuant to the Animal Control Bylaw.
  • For properties that are smaller than 0.41 ha, a permit holder may keep up to a maximum of two beehives.
  • For properties that are 0.41 ha or larger, a permit holder may keep up to a maximum of four beehives.

Apiary Regulations

In order to minimize conflict with neighbouring properties the beehive shall be:

    • situated 2.5 meters or more above ground level and not less than 1.5 meters from the property line,
    • behind a solid fence or a natural barrier (such as shrubbery of a hedge) that is 1.8 meters in height running parallel to the property line, and
    • located a minimum of 7.5 meters away from the neighbouring property line.

In all cases the beehive entrance must be directed away from the neighbouring property.

Caring for Bees Regulations

The Animal Control Bylaw includes specifications to ensure the safe and ethical treatment of animals, attracting wildlife into neighbourhoods is avoided, and conflict with neighbouring properties is minimized. A person who keeps bees must:
    • adhere to good management practices and maintain bees in a condition that will reasonably prevent swarming and aggressive behavior,
    • provide adequate water for the bees to prevent bees from seeking water in neighboring swimming pools, birdbaths, ponds, or other community bodies of water,
    • deter other animals and protect the beehives from disturbance by animals by a suitable method of prevention, including but not limited to adequate fencing or hedging or motion-censored high-pitched deterrent devices,
    • immediately report to Yukon Government’s Agriculture Branch if disease in an apiary is suspected,
    • destroy an apiary if it has a disease the Agriculture Branch determines is sufficiently severe,
    • not keep bees in a hive or structure that does not have movable frames containing combs, and
    • not possess beehive equipment that does not have movable frames for combs.