Application Support Materials

How to Make a Site Plan

Find the section in the Zoning Bylaw that outlines the specific use and parcel requirements for your zone.

a.  For example, s.11.1: R1 Zone (Single Detached and Duplex Residential)

 Locate the 'minimum parcel requirements' table (found under 'zone specific regulations') to determine required setbacks.

  1. Draw all required info on your site plan, making sure to include the following elements
  • a north arrow
  • property lines as per the most recent legal survey 
  • the location and labelling of all abutting streets, lanes, highways, sidewalks, water bodies, and vegetation any easements that might exist
  • all existing and proposed buildings on the lot
  • proposed building-to-building, and building-to-property line setbacks 
  • location and size of parking areas / loading facilities, and the location(s) of access 



How to make a Stormwater Management Plan


Goal: To direct runoff to main road (and specify in the plan how will this be accomplished on site)


It is recommended for pads to be packed at a slightly higher grade than the road (but at even grade with adjacent properties when sensible) and on a diagonal, slope the lot gradually to be at an even grade with the main road.


Diagram of a diagram of water flow

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Some examples of stormwater management infrastructure include the following:


Building Infrastructure

  • Gutters
  • Snow dams/avalanche guards
  • Eavestrough


Ground Infrastructure

  • Ditching
  • Drain Tiles
  • Culverts
  • French Drains
  • Drainage Swale

Note: Snow dams are required on all new builds



A drawing of a house

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How to make a Road Closure Plan

 Goal: To safely direct traffic away from the section of the road that you propose to close


  1. Find a map of or draw the section of the road(s) that you propose to close and its adjacent properties and landmarks
    1. Be sure to include: 
      • a north arrow
      • property lines as per the most recent legal survey 
      • labelling of streets and landmarks
    2. Helpful map websites include:
  1. Indicate how you propose to safely close the road with road closure infrastructure. Examples of these include: 
    1. Fence
    2. Emergency Lane
    3. Parking Lane
    4. Signage
    5. Barricade


A map of a city

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