Barking Dog Complaint Process

Barking is a way dogs communicate, including for reasons like anxiety, distress, boredom, lack of or excess stimuli. The  Animal Control Bylaw regulates animals in our community and prohibits excessive barking that creates a nuisance for neighbouring properties.

As a resident, you have the right to peace, quiet and enjoyment of your property. If you are being disturbed by a nuisance or barking dog, there are procedures you can follow that may address your concerns.

What to do when dog barking causes a nuisance

Contact the dog owner
Let the dog owner know you're concerned about the barking and give them a chance to make it right. Many dog owners react well to such friendly approaches.

Report your concern

To report a barking dog complaint contact Bylaw Services or submit a Bylaw Complaint to Bylaw Services.

Bylaw Services
Bylaw Enforcement Officer
1336 Front Street

Phone: 867-993-7400 Ext. 413
Fax: 867-993-7434

You are required to provide the following details:
    • Your name, address, and phone number
    • Specific address of the barking dog, to help us investigate efficiently
    • Date & time when you hear the barking
    • Recent history including any conversations or steps taken to try to resolve the issue
    • Description of the barking dog, if possible
    • Name of dog owners, if possible 
Please note, the city does not accept or respond to anonymous complaints.
Bylaw Services responds to your concern 

After we receive your report, we will review the report to ensure we have all required information, contact you if additional information is required, and contact the owner of the barking dog to

    • communicate the complaint (while keeping your information private)
    • suggest ways to prevent nuisance barking

If the barking continues, evidence will be required  

If the barking continues and the owner is not taking steps to resolve the nuisance, please notify Bylaw Services and they will ask you to log the barking activity using a barking log. Please do not complete a barking log unless directed to do so from Bylaw Services. Any barking logs completed without direction to do so cannot be accepted. 

The barking log is to record the day, time, and duration of barking, and the impact it has on you. It is also recommended use other means (audio recordings, photographs, video recordings) to record and provide evidence of the nuisance.   

Submit your completed barking log, along with any other evidence you have to Bylaw Services. They will review the evidence presented and where warranted issue a FINAL warning notice to the owner of the barking dog directing them to rectify the problem immediately. Bylaw Services will issue tickets and fines if the problem is not rectified, and where warranted, for continued offenses.

If there is legal action as a result of the offense

If the dog owner disputes the tickets, or if the city determines legal action is required, you and other witnesses may be required to keep additional logs, and will need to attend court to verify the details you recorded.  By attending court, the owner of the barking dog will know your identity.