License Your Business

The City of Dawson's Business License Bylaw provides for the licensing of businesses in our community. An active business license is required to operate any business within or partly within City of Dawson limits. If you are operating a business without a business license, you as the owner could face penalties and fines.


1. Completed Business License Application Form, in full.

2. Application fee as per the City of Dawson Fees and Charges Bylaw.

Local Business- means any business which operates from a permanent residence within the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Traditional Territory.

Regional Business- means any business which operates from a permanent residence outside of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Traditional Territory but within the Yukon Territory.

Non-Local Business- means a business that is not a Local Business or a Regional Business.

3. Any permits, approvals, certificates or licenses required by other agencies in relation to the type of business being applied for i.e.     Environmental Health- permits for food or personal service (restaurants, hair salons, etc.), Social Services-Childcare Services License, Yukon Parks-Wilderness Tourism License, Liquor License, etc.).

PLEASE NOTE THAT It is the responsibility of the business owner to research their business type and obtain any permits/ certificates/ licenses required.

4. Proof of General Liability Insurance in an amount of at least two million dollars ($2,000,000.00)- if you are operating on public property.

5. Vendors- Approved Temporary Development Permit

 A completed Business License Application, along with payment of the fee as prescribed in the Fees and Charges Bylaw, can be submitted to the City of Dawson the following ways:

Business licenses are effective January 1st or the date of issuance until and including the 31st of December. An active business license expires on December 31st in any given year.



Family Day Home- means an establishment licensed under the Yukon Child Care Act that is intended to provide care, educational services, and supervision for children during a period of less than 24 consecutive hours. Unlike childcare centers, family day homes are located in dwelling units and are secondary to a residential use.

Home Industry- means a small-scale industrial use operated as a secondary use to a single detached dwelling.

Home Occupation- means a small business that is based out of a dwelling unit.

Mobile refreshment stand- means a non-permanent and/or portable booth, stand, or vehicle for the sale of food, beverages, or refreshment, prepared or cooked on the vehicle, and includes, without limitation hot dog, sausage, hamburger carts or similar stands.

Mobile Vendor- means an independently operated vehicle or structure occupying private space typically for the purpose of providing retail products, and/or services for commercial sale by a business entity, in an outdoor setting to either passers-by or seated patrons.  

License Conditions:

a) Every business shall post their Business License in a conspicuous location within the business premises. Should the business not have a premise the business license shall be presented upon request of the License Inspector.

b) No license shall be issued until application fee or any previous fees or penalties levied pursuant to the Business Bylaw are paid.

c) Business license fees are non-refundable.

d) Business licenses are non-transferable. The business license is valid only in the business owner’s name in which the license was issued and the business address for which the license was issued.

e) Any construction contractor who proceeds with any construction without a City of Dawson Development Permit for the project will have his business license suspended until such time the permit is obtained.

Suspension and Revocation of a License:

a) A License Inspector may suspend or revoke a business license anytime where a license holder is contravening any of the aforesaid Federal or Territorial laws or regulations or Municipal bylaw or regulations or where in the opinion of the License Inspector there is just and reasonable cause to do so.

b) Where a License Inspector suspends or revokes a business license, the suspension or revocation will commence immediately.


a) Any person who has been refused a business license and any license holder whose license has been refused, suspended or revoked may appeal in writing within thirty (30) days of the date of refusal, revocation or suspension to Council.

General Regulations:

  • If more than one business is carried out within a single premise a separate business license is required for each business.
  • The holder of a business license must at all times be in compliance will all federal and territorial laws and regulations and City bylaws pertaining to their operation.
  • A business license issued is non-transferable, and is valid only in the business owner’s name in which the license was issued and the business address for which the license was issued. 
  • Every person conducting business in the City of Dawson under an Inter-municipal Business License must abide by all rules set forth in the Business License Bylaw.

Intermunicipal Business License

Inter-municipal Business Licenses may also be purchased from the City of Dawson Offices, or any Association of Yukon Communities municipality participating in the program. The City of Dawson is a signatory to the Association of Yukon Communities’ Inter-Municipal Business License Agreement. Any business holding a valid license issued pursuant to that agreement, except a business for a hawker or a vendor shall be deemed to be licensed in the City of Dawson.

List Your Business in the Business Directory

The City of Dawson maintains a Business Directory on our website. This directory is a place where the residents, the business community and visitors can go online to find out what goods, services and businesses are available in our community. We offer all licensed City of Dawson businesses the opportunity to list your business on our directory. If you would like to list your business in the directory, or update your current listing please submit a completed Business Directory Form (see below for form) to the City of Dawson:

  • in person at 1336 Front Street
  • by mail to PO Box 894, Dawson City, YT Y0B 1G0
  • by email to