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Block Q Ladue Estate Planning Study


The City of Dawson has hired Stantec Consulting and Vector Research to complete a Planning Study for Lots 1-20, Block Q, Ladue Estate. The purpose of the study is to determine the highest and best use for the lots in our Historic Townsite, as shown in the figure below. Further described in more detail below, the information provided in the Planning Study will then be reviewed by Council, along with many considerations, to determine the most suitable use for the site. As you know, the site is currently used for the Goldrush Campground; however, it is identified in the City of Dawson Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw for residential use.

This project has come out of years of contemplation over what use would be best for our community. To inform this important decision, we are preparing a Planning Study to review 3 proposed uses and the economic and social considerations associated with each. The proposed uses being considered are listed below in no particular order:

  • Use A: Campground
  • Use B: Recreation facility
  • Use C: Residential use

The City of Dawson is reaching out to residents, business owners, stakeholders, and other governments to inform the economic and social considerations that will be reviewed in the Planning Study.

Engagement activities available during this process have been designed to support both in-person and distance interactions, in accordance with COVID-19 regulations. These activities include the following:

Physically-Distanced Engagement

Physically-distanced engagement activities are intended to connect primarily with those who feel comfortable using online engagement tools but will also assist in reaching those who are limiting their in-person activities, those whose schedules do not permit them to attend the in-person public information sessions, or those who may be experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

Information Sessions

The City of Dawson hosted five information sessions and Q&As with consulting partners Stantec on 20th October 2020. The final session was recorded and is available to watch below. If you have any further questions, please email

Online survey

The online survey will be used to gather feedback about the project and can be accessed by clicking here. The survey is open until October 30th 2020. Paper copies are also be available at the City Hall front office.

Engagement with Stakeholders and Governments

Project overview video and online survey

All local businesses and community organizations are encouraged to view the online video and complete the online survey to provide feedback on this project.

Telephone and in-person interviews 

Several local businesses and community organizations have been identified as potentially having specific information to be included in the Planning Study. These stakeholders will be contacted by the project team beginning in mid-October; questions asked will follow the same format of the online survey with additional opportunities to share any past reports or studies.

Meetings with the Trʼondëk Hwëchʼin and Yukon governments will be held online or in-person beginning mid-October.

Next steps

Following the preparation of the Planning Study, Council will review all the information provided in the Block Q Ladue Estate Planning Study, other studies such as geotechnical information and projects looking at suitable locations for the recreation centre, as well as any other relevant factors. After considering all the different factors before them, Council will be responsible for ultimately deciding on which use is the most appropriate to pursue.

As noted above the City has hired Stantec Consulting Ltd. and Vector Research to complete this analysis and lead the engagement activities. Please contact Lesley Cabott at (867) 335-2515, if you have any questions about the project or the engagement opportunities available to you.