Municipal Projects


City of Dawson Administration Building and Fire Hall : Exterior Painting

The City of Dawson Administration Building and Fire Hall will see a new exterior coat of paint this summer.  Big B Contracting of Dawson City, YT was awarded the contract and will begin work in June. 

Canadian Bank of Commerce NHS : 2019 Stabilization

You might have seen some activity around the Canadian Bank of Commerce NHS this spring. 

In advance of the 2019 work a temporary mesh cover was placed over the east and south facades to deter the nesting of swallows. Thanks to Wildstone Construction and Engineering who assisted the City of Dawson to install the mesh cover.  A special thanks to Mike Loiseau, Wildstone Site Superintendent at the Water Treatment Plant and Josh Wittmeier, Wildstone Lift Operator, for their expertise and generosity.

Technical Arts and Services of Tagish, YT was awarded the contract to provide a complete set of extant record drawings to document existing dimensions, materials, and conditions to guide future restoration work. 

Williams Construction of Dawson City, YT was awarded the contract to remove the stair on the west elevation (riverside) and complete the framing to restore the building openings to the pattern during the period of commemoration.  This is the first step in returning the exterior of the building to its original design.

Additional work to follow this summer…

City of Dawson Swimming Pool : Upgrades

The City of Dawson Swimming Pool will see new flooring both poolside and throughout!  Thanks to Chief Isaac Group of Companies for providing labour to relocate furnishings so this work can happen and to Graf Enviro for supplying the temporary storage for these furnishings.  The contract to provide new flooring and a new liner to the pool wall was awarded to Master Pools Alta Ltd.  Master Pools has a long history with the City of Dawson Swimming Pool.  They were hired in 2000 to construct the pool and have provided expertise on an ongoing basis since.  Master Pools has hired local labour and subcontracted a portion of the flooring to Chandindu Contracting of Dawson City, YT.

Master Pools, Vogt Enterprises, and the City of Dawson are also working to repair a damaged water line that was discovered this spring.  The City of Dawson will be installing new lockers and partitions sourced from Arctic Inland, and new furnishings sourced from Dawson Hardware.  Big B Contracting of Dawson City, YT was awarded the contract to paint the interior of the natatorium and office so this area will be fresh and new.

These upgrades will ensure the building’s future and the services it provides can continue for years to come.  Your patience is appreciated as we complete this work.


For any questions related to this project please contact Trina Buhler, City of Dawson Project Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


2018 Water & Sewer Upgrades

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