Burning Permits & Restrictions

Campfire Permits and Restrictions: Campfires are permitted within City of Dawson Limits, provided:

  • No ban is currently in place for campfires. 
  • There is a source of extinguishment nearby
  • There is a responsible person in attendance at all times
  • Burning is conducted in a safe manner
  • Fire pit and burning complies with the Fire Protection and Life Safety Bylaw

Open Burning: Open outdoor burning is only permitted from
October 1 to March 31 with a valid burning permit. This also applies to burning with a burn barrel or lighting an open fire for any other purpose than a cooking campfire. 
Permits can be obtained at the city office; however, the public should note that if the fire danger rating is moderate, high or extreme, PERMITS ARE SUSPENDED
For fire danger ratings visit: https://yukon.ca/en/emergencies-and-safety/emergency-updates/get-emergency-updates

Permitted Burning Materials
 Dry pruning’s, branches, etc. as long as they do not cause a smoke nuisance.

Prohibited Burning Materials: Oil, tar, rubber, plastic, vinyl, fertilizers, chemicals, tires, creosote, wiring insulation, petroleum products, household garbage or any material which produces or may produce toxic or heavy smoke.  

The following precautions must be taken to prevent escape of fires: No burning is to be done when there is strong wind.

  • Light material must be covered by heavier material.
  • The fire must be attended and safeguarded at all times.
  • There shall be a competent adult person in charge of the fire at all times with sufficient appliances and equipment required to prevent the fire from burning out of control.
  • Burning is conducted in a safe manner and complies with the Fire Protection and Life Safety Bylaw.

Fire-pit dimensions:


Please note: Any person who starts an outdoor fire and does not completely extinguish such fire is liable for all costs and expenses incurred by the City in controlling and extinguishing such fire