2018 Water & Sewer Upgrade Projects

Recent comprehensive assessments of our water and sewer infrastructure have identified necessary upgrades to both condition and capacity, including replacing our pumphouse on 5th Avenue, its water treatment equipment and the reservoirs.

City of Dawson and Government of Yukon are working together to implement these over the coming years, with funding being provided by Government of Canada, Government of Yukon and the City of Dawson.

Work will start in the summer of 2018.

Through this page we will provide you with the latest updates and information on when any necessary disruption to services, access or roads will occur. These are being minimized.

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Naturally Occurring Asbestos
While preparing for the projects, the Government of Yukon learned that natural asbestos may be present in some soil samples in the Dawson area.

The government hired an industrial hygienist to develop an asbestos exposure control plan, which has been included as an addendum to the tenders for these projects. Companies will have to provide asbestos-mitigation plans that meet the requirements of the asbestos exposure control plan – as well as the Occupational Hygiene regulations of the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Board – to protect their workers and the public while the projects are being built.

View Documents: 
Dawson City Local Geology and Naturally Occuring Asbestos Presentation
Asbestos Exposure Control Plan


Funded by Small Communities fund:

New Pumphouse with Water Treatment Equipment
In order to provide Dawson residents with a sustainable and reliable source of clean drinking water, the current pumphouse – which is nearing the end of its serviceable life – will be replaced. The new facility will supplement chlorine treatment with filtration barriers and ultraviolet disinfection, which will ensure that the pumphouse is in compliance with Government of Yukon’s Environmental Health Services branch regulations and provides the best quality of water possible for the citizens of Dawson.

The Government of Canada will provide $11,250,000 through the Small Communities Fund for the pumphouse project and the Government Yukon will contribute up to $3,750,000.

Funded by Clean Water Waste Water fund:

Fifth Avenue Sanitary Sewer Upgrades (King to Princess)
Approximately 270 metres of sewer main pipe will be replaced along Fifth Avenue, from King Street to Princess Street. Water and sewer services to property line will be replaced and a number of new water and sewer manholes will be installed. In addition to the rebuilding of the road, road signs and landscaping will also be replaced. 

York Street Lift Station Replacement
A new lift station will be constructed on the vacant lot adjacent to the existing lift station, which will be demolished once the new lift station is complete.  The new lift station will consist of a three-room building which will house a below-ground holding tank and all of the necessary electrical, mechanical, and control systems needed to pump wastewater into the sanitary sewer system.  The work will also include new underground piping to connect to the Second Avenue sanitary sewer and landscaping.

Buried Infrastructure Upgrades on Front and Turner Streets.
This project will replace 288 metres of watermain lines and 230 metres of sewer lines along Front Street. A number of new water service and sewer manholes and a storm sewer manhole will be installed. Water and sewer services to property lines will be replaced. The road, alleyways and boardwalks will be rebuilt. Road signs and landscaping will also be replaced.  

Craig Street Hydraulic Tower Replacement
This will involve the replacement of the existing tower, which transfers wastewater from the Klondike Valley sanitary sewer forcemain (pressurized flow) to the Craig Street sanitary sewer (gravity flow).

Klondike Valley Lift Stations Improvements
Electrical and control system upgrades will be completed on three existing lift stations in the Klondike valley sanitary sewer system.  The pumping operations of the lift stations will be modified to improve the downstream hydraulic conditions in the sanitary sewer system and reduce (not eliminate) the formation and retention of odorous gases. Repairs and rehabilitation of some components of the existing facilities will also be undertaken.

See Maps:
North Dawson Water & Sewer Projects 
South Dawson Water & Sewer Projects

North Dawson WS Projects

 South Dawson WS Project