Plans, Reports & Strategies

1.) Official Community Plan (OCP)

The Official Community Plan is the main policy document for the City of Dawson.  It outlines goals and policies that are used to guide decision making on planning and land use management.  In compliance with Section 279 of the Municipal Act all future planning and land use decisions made by Council shall be consistent with the goals and policies oulined in this OCP.
Download: Official Community Plan - Bylaw 2018-18pdficon small

2.) Intergrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP)

The ICSP is a long-term, comprehensive plan, developed in consultation with the community.  It provides direction for the community to realize sustainable objectives in the decades ahead.  The environmental, cultural, social, governance and economic dimensions of our identity will be shaped by the principles and guidance proposed in the plan.  The plan identifies a community vision, community value statements and sustainable principles which will help the community create a sustainable future.
Download: Intergrated Community Sustainability Plan pdficon small

3.) Heritage Management Plan (HMP)

The HMP plan proposes a Vision for the Management of Dawson’s Heritage Resources as well as heritage management objectives to achieve the Vision.
Download: Heritage Management Plan pdficon small

4.) 2014 Drinking Water Well Construction & Testing Report

The following report summarizes the construction, development, testing, and water quality asessment of the City of Dawson's four new 406 mm (16-inch) diameter production wells along Front Street.
Download the Full Report:
2014 Drinking Water Well Construction & Testing Report pdficon small (9 MB)
Download the Summary Report:
2014 Dawson City Production Well Project Summary

5.)   Downtown Revitalization Plan   

The purpose of this Downtown Revitalization plan is to strengthen the vitality of the core commercial district of Dawson City.  The plan sets out realistic and implementable steps that will encourage and guide development and infrastructure investments in the downtown Core.
Download: Downwtown Revialization Plan pdficon small

6.) Trail Management Plan 

The vision of the Trail Managment Plan is "our trails will be a vital contributor to the health and wellness of residents, facilitate access to and enjoyment of the outdoors, provide options for active transportation, foster appreciation of our heritage and build community spirit and stewardship".
Download: Trail Management Plan pdficon small

7.)  North End Plan

 Download: North End Plan  pdficon small(26.6 MB)

8.)  Canadian Bank of Commerce NHS: Five Year Plan

Download: Canadian Bank of Commerce NHS: Five Year Plan  pdficon small