Public Works

The Public Works department delivers core services to our community.

  • Water supply, storage, treatment and distribution
  • Wastewater collection, treatment and discharge
  • Roads, sidewalks, signage, storm drainage, hydrants, traffic control devices and floating dock
  • Building and infrastructure maintenance
  • Mosquito control within city limits 
  • Garbage collection and solid waste management
  • Environmental services such as monitoring and clean up of spills

Summary of Public Works Infrastructure

Water System

Four new infiltration wells were drilled in July 2014. 

There are two reservoirs of approximate 1300 m3 capacity combined.

The City's water is disinfected with chlorine gas and is heated during winter months with oil fired boilers.


  • 16 km of buried water main sized 150mm  to 250mm diameter
  • 130 HP of electric pumping capacity and 133 hp of diesel pumping capacity
  • Annual flow of  847,000 cubic metres in 2007
  • Approximately 650- 700 services
  • 85 hydrants
  • Water Reservoir Pumphouse
    Water Valve Chamber

Sewer System


  • 11 km of buried gravity main, sized 200mm to 300 mm. diameter
  • 3.6 km of buried force main
  • 650 to 700 services
  • Annual sewage discharge of  807,000 cubic metres in 2007
  • 5 lift stations

Treatment: Wastewater is currently being treated at the secondary Wastewater Treatment Facility located on 5th Avenue then discharged to Yukon River mid channel  200 m west of dyke at Church Street.


  • Dawson Proper: 15 km of gravel roads, and 7 km of gravel alleys.
  • Dome: 4 km of gravel roads, and 3.3 km of chip sealed roads.
  • Callison: 9 km of gravel roads, and 5 km of Trans Canada Trail.
  • West Dawson: .5 km of gravel road.


  • Dawson Proper: 2.3 km of 500mm to 600 mm dia mains, and 2 km of 200mm to 350 mm dia laterals.


  • There is currently approximately 5 km of wooden sidewalks mostly in the Downtown core. Currently the City does not install sidewalks in residential areas.

Floating Docks

  • 150 metres of  floating dock.

Quigley Landfill and Garbage Collection

  • Quigley Landfill serves the City of Dawson, Klondike Valley, the Dempster Highway and the North Klondike Highway.
  • City Garbage Collection is contracted out with residential solid waste collected once a week and commercial solid waste is collected up to 6 times a week during the summer months.

Building Maintenance:

  • City Shop: 275 m2  building with two offices
  • City Office: 1080 m2  two floor building
  • Water Front Building: 320 m2 building divided into three offices
  • Recreation Centre: 4864 m2 building housing hockey rink and curling rink.
  • Swimming Pool: 900 m2 building
  • Fire Chief House: 100 m2 building
  • CAO house: 110 m2  two story building

Office Location:
2nd Floor, City Shop, (South of City Office)

Mailing Address:
Box 308
Dawson City, YT Y0B 1G0

Mark Dauphinee, Superintendent of Public Works
Phone: 867-993-7400 Ext: 301

Amanda King, Public Works Administration Officer
Phone:867-993-7400 Ext: 306