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     Civic Addressing

Background of Property Addressing Within the City of Dawson

The civic addressing bylaw was created to facilitate the implementation of Yukon Wide 9-1-1 (An announcement made by the Yukon Government to expand emergency 9-1-1 service across the Yukon by July 2016); and to deliver an accurate method of property identification within the City of Dawson. Difficulties have often been encountered by emergency services trying to locate properties by using lot descriptions or elaborate directions that usually require familiarity with the area.

Civic addressing provides a method of property identification. Any past confusion experienced when explaining lot numbers and property descriptions is virtually non-existent with the civic addressing system. However, the use of lot and property description will not be eliminated. The legal description of properties will continue to be used for land registry purposes and any other legal application where the location of the property is required.

The underlying reason of the civic addressing is to provide a simple and logical system for identifying the location of a property, a person or a structure in the case of an emergency.

We can’t help you in an emergency if we can’t find you. Know your civic address.

For further information on the bylaw of where to post your civic address contact the Fire Chief at 867-993-7400.  

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